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  2. Psychotherapist
  3. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist
  4. Wellness Consultant
  5. Poet

A Little About Me

Julius Lanoil is a psychotherapist, consultant at Fountain House and a certified medical rehabilitation director, whose poetically reflective writing style premiers a fresh new approach. He is the co author of “Fountain House: Creating Community in Mental Health Practice,” published by Columbia University Press and has written many articles that can be found on here. He has served as assistant director of Fountain House and has been assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and director of psychiatric rehabilitation at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. While there he created The Club, a replication of the Fountain House model and SERV, a statewide New Jersey housing program. He is also a cofounder of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and the first coeditor of its journal. His second book “The Need To Be Needed” is an honest and enjoyable trip through the life of a flawed, rebellious, outrageous, insightful psychotherapist. Uniquely written, it poetically ponders its own narrative with easy to read vignettes and reflections that will inform, stimulate and not disappoint.