A New Style of Writing

Poetry continues to lose popularity because it can be obtuse and unintelligible. I am a poet and when I write a poem that I consider to be self evident most of my readers need explanations that include what the poem is about, why I thought it was important and what I am trying to say. I have just completed a book “The Need To Be Needed” in which its many short stories end with my poem about the events. A writing technique I call Story Inspired Poetry, which has the potential of revitalizing poetry by connecting the reader to the source of the poets inspiration.

”The Resurrection of Poetic Expression”

How do I share complex feelings, thoughts and beliefs
Deep inside, with tenuous connections,
And with longing in changing times and places unknown
Why should you care?
Why did I care?
An artists production, a communication, or a detached self masturbatory activity
When you know its source and my motivation,
Sharing and intimacy is possible
An exciting prospect for poetry,
The revitalization of a dying art form
And relief to teachers and students who can stretch their narratives as I stretched mine