Bob or Bobby

Bob, or is it Bobby, the outgoing politico, gregarious and affable
Bobby, or is it Bob, the lone bike rider stopping frequently to smell the roses
Will the real chap please stand up
But both are real
And consistent with the independent woman he chose
Whose joy of togetherness and aloneness proclaims their lack of neediness in a world of very needy people

Not a teacher, he teaches by modeling appreciation, generosity and a passion for the twang of music
Not a lawyer, he argues from an arsenal of experience with a smile and an astute logic that creates the recognizable attribute of a leader
Not a psychologist, he unselfishly shares his humanism and store of love with others
Using the resulting meaningful and authentic relationships to influence and to help

What ever the time Bob and Bobby are out
Under the morning sun
Greeting the multitudes in late afternoon
Digging the sounds in some night time bistro

A wranglers hat sitting firmly on his flowing white hair
His trademark swagger
Gave birth to Cowboy Bob the brilliant moniker that blends the Bobby and the Bob into the outstanding guy we know and love.