Eric – courageous and Tenacious

A cool, passionate, independent thinker
Who acts
With deeds that would immobilize most with fear

Who when sickened by his employers disloyalty
Set out to walk his own path

A risk taker who thrives on uncertainty
He sells himself, a product he knows well
Working long hours, looking for ways to improve everything
And reduce the complicated, into the useable, manageable and profitable

Maturing early
With an indifference to grades
And a growing ability to see into essences
He arose from a determined disposition
Doing best with what interested him

In his world of work, family and companions
He is Hands- on there and everywhere
With charismatic charm and confidence
Searching for the truthful slant
He stands alone and as a community player
An event creator and toy collector
Catering to his throng of friendly chums

Alone or with his children
He flies to his alpha world of peace
Creating a fly or fishing with it

With a camera his studied view of the world
He looks forward to new challenges and out of the box opportunities
In which authority holds no sway when viewed through the lens of his pragmatic logic