What if feelings were like hearing words without the music
Or hearing the music without the words
Or Whispered, with empty spaces, hard to understand
Or in an incomprehensible language
Or if untaught, unrehearsed and preliterate

Yes, you can feel the feeling, but can you express it?
What if you can’t ?
If the words that communicate the feeling were never learned
Or you were taught that their expression is unbecoming
What then?
Where do you go?
What do you do?
Let time go by and forget

But do unexpressed feelings disappear ?
Or do they build up in a polluted pool of the uncommunicative or unspoken and fester
A poison reappearing in a barrage, misdirected at the innocent
Or forming the bases of an impending depression
Or governing the pain emanating from that genetically weak part of you
Or magnifying that back throb or stomach affliction
Or forcing disproportionate, self defeating action that plays into the hands of your detractors