Gertrude and Me and the Game We Played

We would go to a bar
Filled with people
Singles or wannabe’s who congregate
To interact, To feel joyous, To dance To have sex
At our watching post
We order a drink and observe .
Fixing our attention on a couple, a group, an individual
Any, offering an unobstructed view.
Giggling with excitement at our shared naughtiness
We construct our stories.
Who are they? What are they doing here? What do they want ?
Clues coming from body language, facial expressions, dancing ability, emotional vibes
Are they calm, angry, loving, seething, excited, quiet, sad.
Slowly my theme evolves and then Gertrude’s ,
We spy for the actions that will confirm our fabricated expose’s
And with more giggling we whisperingly argue for our competitive revelations

I miss my mother in law and that game we played