Joyce: A Woman Who Loves To Laugh

Its a beautiful Sunday morning

And this devoted wife and grandmother anticipates a day on the beach

Finding the meanings contexts and definitions to satisfy the sadistic NY Times wordsmith

As the puzzle progresses, sometimes with Mark, to mark her words, she deals with the frustrations without burdening the others in her beach brotherhood.

A Brooklyn born teacher, she manned the barricades and protected the inner sanctum of her husbands house of healing

And now its her turn to relax into being, with canasta and bridge to stoke her fires and artistic expression to spark new learning

Knit 1, perl 2, her fingers fly to create the love
As she finds her place in the still of her alpha environment

Unaware, that her quite energy shouts out acceptance, warmth and ease
She lounges in the sun, on a beach chair, listening to the waves crash on an indifferent shore

Her place of respite and peace
The habitat where anxiety and fear are quieted
The locale where her smiling face beckons to others
The zone in which she listens and receives what’s presented without judgement

The hangout in which the laugher she hopes for and prizes, can be realized and shared