Laike: Bigger Than Life

He makes his entrance and fills the room with boisterous sound

With an infectious smile that upgrades moods, motivates action and brings life to the party

An assignment he accepts with gusto and home made music designed to excite and enervate

With ambition stimulated by an Indian upperclass culture and one cold hearted progenitor

This handsome, athletic, knowledgeable, sharp minded businessman found love and success through fearless actions

He is a presence
With exciting stories drawn from his years in India, Iraq, London and America

Parables that highlight the intense nature of his loyalty to friends and allies

That illuminate his strong foundational belief in a human community
Free from group memberships that separate one from the other

That explain his highly developed taste for wine and style

And his historical erudition, appreciation for cars and admiration for the discipline of Karate

Supported and defended by his beautiful, creative, industrious, intelligent and courageous wife, whose partnering helps him control the passionate emotions that fuels and directs his boundless energy

And grounded in the knowledge that his greatest achievements revolve around his auspicious marriage and his two charming and productive daughters

He continues to seek adventure and new learning

Refinements he achieves by doing, modeling and listening to those he respects and trusts.

Like the fortunate me he calls uncle