Marlene: A Woman of Mystery

Who are you? Who do you love? What do you want?
These mysteries, one clue to your attractiveness
A loner comfortable in her own skin and an indifferent, yet competent, social being
Do you need anybody?
Married and supportive to an affable, friendly, generous, intelligent man
A second clue to the specialness of you, the observant can detect
A devoted grandma whose passion for golf is without braggadocio
A third example of the quiet self assurance that adds to your bewitching allure
But you’re just you, a Christmas Eve born smiling person, who doesn’t care what anyone thinks,
You’re your own person without judgement, who says it like you see it
Making the insecure tremble and the secure a devoted audience to this fourth clue to your attractiveness.
With a vague reference or rumor to an illustrious past
Keep them guessing and Happy Birthday
I’d have it no other way, nor should you