Melinda and Me

I climbed into the playpen, propped you up, rolled you the ball and changed my life.

From then on we became intrepid explorers, laughingly, fearlessly, excitedly seeking adventure.

As Partners in the quest we scaled mountains and roof top heights, ate grass, became statues, rolled down dizzying sand hills, gracelessly balanced on narrow platforms and dared to go where no man had gone before.

Me the adult leading you into the perils and fun of new discovery and you the child teaching me about the joy that can come from mindless, impulsive unplanned playing.

Lunches out, were your parents and my wife’s time to talk about adult worldly things and our time to eat fast, get out and joyfully examine the wonders that lay just outside the restaurant door.

Lets see what’s behind that fence, lets climb up that garbage collector and see where the blocked path leads, lets go on that roof and wave to them through the skylight.

We were pals even before you could talk as we ordered 2 nothing’s with 2 straws from that amused waitress in that seaside restaurant.

Pals that are connected through a special love known only to fellow adventures and those who have experienced and survived danger together.

As you grew you gave up childish things leaving me to fend for myself in the serious adult world and to search for age appropriate playmates.

Watching and dancing with you and Barbara walking the miles and listening to the same music gladdened my heart and made my spirit soar

But that is what you’ve always done. You did it when you made a difficult part of my life meaningful, when you looked for me in a crowd of your friends, when you put our picture on your Facebook page, when you made me the officiant at your wedding.

Melinda, doctor dear woman who will soon enter into a marriage with a doctor dear man, as much as I love you, my love and gratitude will forever go to your parents the sweet talented Michael and lovely brilliant and talented Betsey.

People who after years of sweat filled effort shared you with us, you, their prize, their future, their one and only, their treasure.

Unselfconscious, egoless giving a demonstration of love personified in unselfish, thoughtful, benevolent, lavish, action.

My pride and my joy in your hard won accomplishments are yours to play with in the world of getting, spending and contributing but the world of play, exploration and adventure are always there for us to find again, to relax into again and to be at home with again