Nick – Spunky and Determined

The cool cop who undaunted by a knife wound, softened and impressed his soul mate

A fearlessness, repeated on the fiery streets of 9/11

An audacity and daring needed, for the personal reformation he would undergo in the Florida arena
Where he morphed from closed and isolative, to open and interested
From negative mood maker, to positive approachable presence
From husky physical bearing, to appreciated athletic demeanor
From reserved reticence, to a helpful social animal on the prowl

Movement necessary for him to breath free, maintain the integrity of his private space
And to ease the pain of his often aching back

The escaped tear at his daughters wedding, a sign of his repressed sentimentality
A man’s protective lesson, learned maybe to well

The yoga beach, where he demonstrates an uncanny ability to stabilize a windswept umbrella
The base, from which he searches the ocean floor
His easy rhythmic strokes, often mistaking him for a graceful creature of the sea

An early riser he starts his daily, exercise sprinkled, journey walking with a spicy lady
His partner, his student, his teacher, his wife and fellow netti pot enthusiast
A mutually respectful relationship, of love and support, that enhances the often depreciated idea of marriage

A steadfast man in the world of investment, family and politics
And a man you can count on if your lucky enough to be called his friend