The dancing emissary of mirth
Whose beaming grin and animated movement
Frolic inside your heart,
A smile frozen in place
And pure joy tickling your body

A mans man who enjoys the limelight to sing a song
And quiet reflection to reenact the past
Earlier days when his hands made music
And he traveled the world on ships
Expanding his mind through experience and strawberry fields

From Mulberry street to Highland Beach
An Italian from toe to cap
With an infectious love and pride
That colors his warmth and informs his history

A non dogmatic Catholic
A philosophy that illuminates his moral compass
But leaves his judgements free to be Fred

A professor of the past, the movies and wine
Risotto maven and grilled vegetable aficionado
Who met his Wolfe and wooed her with his Gleason like charm
And the best pots and pans in town

If you love him, you can stroke his face
And feel his love returned
A sweetness that his family and close friends are blessed to enjoy

He. Becomes a young 70 when in a sweat filled gym
Or when he lets his energy flow out
Or when he searches for a new passion
To match his curiosity and devotional practice
Or when engaged in the magnificent struggle to
To reinvent himself

Hey Fred you warm Italian bear
What do you want to be when you grow up?