Patrick: A Seeker Of Truth

In a morning cuddle with his beautiful wife or listening to the melodies of his talented daughter
He begins his day furthering the Zita show or writing about longevity
A new discourse to join his treatise on stress
He downs a nutritional drink before sweating to a Billy Blanks workout video.

A fortunate man or is it a deserving man?

Starting on the streets of London
A boy hungry for knowledge, truth, experiences and food
Over time filling himself with the nutrients of a healer
Removing physical pain through muscular manipulation
Mental affliction with irrefutable logic
And emotional torture by prosecuting veracity

From the old world energy of bygone decor
To the old world energy of a Bhagwan- Ian ashram
To the school rooms and massage tables of a body work academy
To some fame in the treatment world of sex related dilemmas
He learned his craft

Theories ideas, spiritual, esoteric psychological and scientific
Plus an amazing store of event and movie based facts
An easy flow, from a mind as strong as the body that surrounds it
With energetic commitment to the pragmatic and utilitarian and a matching distain for the doctrinaire and drippy

Patrick is here
So the broken perkier will perk again
So the lie will be fearlessly confronted
And those of us who need support will get it
And those of us who need the truth will hear it