He glides through life with smooth easy movements
Reflected in his unlined face but not on the dance floor.
His shrug and the “why not” that accompanies it, is smooth baby smooth
The restrained unemotional passion he communicates, is cool baby cool
A man capable of judgement who never judges, sharp baby sharp
An athlete in all seasons comfortable moving from reef to reef, on spinning wheels, down snow covered mountains and salt ocean wet. sleek baby sleek
With a loving partner, a beauty with equal vim, matching him stroke by stroke through it all.
Together they ply and infect, fortunate friends with a warmth generosity and appreciation . Masterful baby masterful
An insightful listener, whose time to do is now, whose time to drink is now, whose time to play is now whose time to just be is now, shrewd baby shrewd
“Do Little” Do a lot, Do some, Do nothing, but what ever you do. Do it with them