Steve: The Lucky Competitor

He Bikes in free open air
Or in the confines of a spinning room
With a focused intensity
And the goal of achieving a personal success

A role model for love, marriage and partnership
With a lucky relationship that makes the idea of a soul mate an observable reality
A bond, an intimacy and a rapport so deep and unique that words even to this poets reflective and narcissistic expertise are to difficult to compose

To know his aging fathers accomplishments and to see his face
Is to know and see the non judgmental Steve
With two brothers and two sons to round out the family
They rally with unquestioned support in times of flood or need
A warm man open to a hug or kiss
Free and secure in his protective manliness
Given openly to those men or woman he fancies

A man of business
From foot ware to investment arranger
Finding ways to make the deal

A tireless arbiter from time zone to time zone
And from relationship to relationship
He plies his trade

With thoughts of golf, ice cream and the eagles
And his new found out of doors excitement in Florida
His eyes brighten and his smile deepens
While his enthusiasm for life, once in jeopardy, soothes him from within and expands out to the world