The Man Who Drank My Wine

It was a good white
Brought to celebrate a friends accomplishment
At a dinner under the stars
In a place we call paradise

At the appointed time with our late dinner on the grill
The white vanished from its cold enclosure leaving the red to cool on its own
Shock and bewilderment giving sway to information and awareness

He took it and drank it, thinking it was his
An honest mistake?
The bottle was different as were the wines and their cost

The man sat on the couch in front of our community TV getting help redressing a viewing problem he had himself ignorantly created
When told about the mistake he had wrought
He stayed in his comfortable seat and waved his arm back at us
In a gesture, shrug, expression and body language that shouted “Oh well no big deal, you can drink mine ha, ha ha”

You took my happy feeling leaving me with anger and bitterness and that was a big deal
Stand up and face me, apologize, be really sorry for your violation
Don’t just sit their and compound your offense and abuse with a wink of indifference

I know I can’t hit you, make you care, yell at you, or call you names
Actions that would be, in the eyes of some, transgression greater then yours and which would discredit my legitimate anger and annoyance.

But try to fathom what I believe is for you,not yet understandable
Behaviors that disregard, disrespect and belittle people’s feelings
Are crimes against humanity that will have their day in the court of retribution.