The Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Start with a large pot of sweetened boiling water
Allow half the water to evaporate all preconceived impurities and
unrealistic expectations
Add one pound of compassion
One cup of unadulterated fun
Now boil off the fear so that the aroma of love pervades
Then add two tablespoons of respect
A pinch of titillation
Then stir gently adding sex to taste

In a smaller sauce pan put in all of the emotions
Seasoned with honey, salt and ginger to stimulate the expression of their fragrances
Don’t worry if the odor of frustration is too strong
It will weaken if you add a pinch of acceptance and a teaspoon of honesty

Wait ten minutes
Mix the two pots together
And serve hot

You now have an exciting dish of love, partnership and friendship
That will pleasure your days and nights
And stay wonderfully fresh forever