To My Wife On Valentine’s Day 2017

Barbara : Bright Beautiful and In Control

There she sits, the sexy beach enthusiast, listening and laughing with her friendly hordes.

Multitudes who are encountering her joy and realizing the exactitude of her insightful and spiritual counsel

Flowing from experience, authenticity and an honesty derived from a heedless ness for neediness

A role model for sobriety and moderation in all things caloric

An old practice newly converted culminating in a majestic physical reformation

She hears the love when communicated in a song

And is comfortable in giving a confused departed, advice on revamping an afterlife experience

A woman whose slim belly sours to negativity and heats to expressions of tenderness

A classic exemplar of a mind body relationship that requires security, protection and nurturance

A canasta loving home body who appreciates driving and partaking in a dependably happy gym, bike and swim schedule

A predictability that satisfies her soul and soothes her reluctance in the face of the unknown adventures

Especially when joined by her adoring 55 year companion, mate and belly protector