Trump as president, never happen ( Denial)
Stage 1
How could the people of this country elect a bigot as their president (Anger)
Stage 2
He really didn’t want the job maybe when he sees the amount of work necessary he’ll quit ( Bargaining)
Stage 3
O my god I can’t live way, I ‘ ll never smile again (Depression)
Stage 4
Alright he’s my president, lets see what happens. Maybe it won’t be so bad (Acceptance)
Stage 5

Grief, Grief, Grief
Are Humanistic values dead?
Are facts dead ?
Is the proper use of language dead?
Is dignity dead?
Is social role modeling dead
Is decency dead ?
What happened to my world ?
Was it lost because a group of people confused what they thought was a good message with a floored messenger.
We’re they really that selfishly in need of a moral revolution to get the supposed crumbs of a new economic policy
Was it worth it?
What is the message learned?
Did Rome end like this?
Our children, our children, our future.

Snap out of it
Hey man you’ve always advocated change
Why can’t you keep up with this new reality
Rock and roll ushered in a new way for us to be which our older generation fought
So this is a new and more honest way to be
You like people who tell it like it is, who don’t Pusey foot around ( pardon my pun)
So what’s your problem? Get with it
You are just feeling the loss of respect, truth, equality, science and diversity.
Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it
Your strong
You can adjust to anything
Be cool
Or maybe you just can’t