There you sit, bright, clean, fresh, a swimmers glow, a warm smile, lit up, anticipating the best, yet ready for anything
Waiting to share, to laugh to play, to hug.
All who look, see your light, feel their hearts brighten as the warmth of your love and your spontaneous joy washes over them.
They hear your voice of calm, soothing their struggles in the sea of clamoring egos.
Sense a stability in their often shaky self worth and understand the power that streams from your positivity
In the face of fear, change, uncertainty, bedeviling existence and all that depletes energy, you offer hope through love.
Your own frailties are controlled by a super sensitivity to people, interactions, places and even things. A life long awareness that can bring pain but as you learned, when defended by love, brings joy.
A joy that can sometimes, itself, be painful awaiting release.
An insightful, reasoned, love energy practitioner, you merge acceptance and compassion with pragmatic assistance.
Negativity is tolerated but hurtful actions are not.
A rule you employ with a firm certainty
Love can never be depleted as long as it is given away. A magic which you model for all to learn as it flows from you like an transforming enzyme of the heart .
Which makes you an amulet, a prize, a lucky break, to those who are with you, in love
Those, like we special feeders, who give, get and fill you up and are in turn filled up by you.